Chiranjeevi has been winning hearts with his tweets and posts on Instagram and Twitter since the day he made his debut on social media. Besides revealing some interesting updates on his films, the actor inspires many with his tweets, and interacts with his colleagues in the industry and throws some challenges their way. 

On Monday, he took to Twitter to share that he will be revealing a surprise to his fans, and it was related to a song which he has been pausing and playing on repeat mode.

Chiranjeevi and Sai Dharam Tej with Navishka.Instagram

'Paused & played music to see she was really loving it'

He also revealed the surprise by sharing a video of himself with granddaughter Navishka, daughter of Sreeja Kalyan. He wrote, "Always amazed @ the power of music. Just over 1 year & how this little kid enjoyed the music & tried doing dance moves is sheer bliss. Paused & played music to see she was really loving it. పాట నాది కాబట్టి,అమ్మమ్మ సురేఖ దగ్గర క్రెడిట్ నాకే #PreLockdownMoments #Throwbackvideo #navishka_k." (sic)


In the video, fans can see Chiranjeevi is a chilled and relaxed mode, having fun with granddaughter, as she demands him to play 'Me Me' song from Khaidi No.150. Even when he asks her that she is listening to the same song again and again and that there are much better songs, Navishka starts crying and says that she wants that song only.

Also, she starts imitating the dance steps which her grandfather has done on screen. We really wonder whether she knows that it is her grandfather who is the Megastar or no.

This video has gone viral on social media and is taking the internet by storm as fans are loving the bonding of the grandfather and his little one. Also, it is very rare that one gets a chance to see their Megastar is such a chilled mode, having fun with grandchildren.