Chirag Patil

In an interview with International Business Times, India, '83 actor, Chirag Patil, who will be playing his own father, Sandeep Patil, talked about his childhood memories, missing family, bonding during 83 and more.

Tell us something about your own childhood days. How was it like being Sandeep Patil's son? You must have seen legendary players being a regular at your house. Any special memories you'd like to share.

Being Sandeep Patil's son was all about living like a prince. I am truly blessed and proud to be his son. As a child, I was very naughty, drove everyone crazy at home and school. I hated studying, yet completed my graduation. Yes, I have seen people from the film industry and cricket fraternity visiting my home often.

My father used to throw the best parties in town. Kids were not allowed in those parties. We used to be asked to go to sleep by ten but my brother and I used to sneak up and see everything that used to happen from the terrace. That will always remain one of my fondest memories.

Being Sandip Patil's son, wasn't cricket an obvious career choice for you?

Well, I have never been interested in cricket. But, because my father and grandfather were cricketers, there was pressure. So, I also decided to join cricket. But the first time my father saw me playing he told me, "You will never play for India, so please don't waste time. Do something else."

The film can be called a big project that might give a new direction to your acting career. However, it is keeping you away from your daughter who hasn't even turned one yet. Any regrets or guilt of not being able to give her as much time as you would have liked.

It's been two months, I haven't seen my wife and daughter and we have one more month to shoot here. It's very tough to be away from them but it's all a part and parcel of life.

What did you all do for team building?

We all had gone to Dharmashala for a bonding and training trip for ten days. We used to practice during the day and party hard at night. It was great fun. Apart from this, Kapil Dev, Madan Lal, Yashpal Sharma used to join us for interactive sessions and they used to be immensely interesting.

Any co-actor from the film you would say has become a close friend of yours during the shoot?

It would be impossible to name just one person. We all used to hang out and enjoy like one big family together. We used to sit down for drinks and enjoy talking till wee hours.

What next after 83?

Apart from 83, I have a couple of Marathi films which are ready for release. Once I go back to India, promotions for those films would start, which would keep me busy for a couple of months.