Chinmoy Sharma

Some people dream about being an entrepreneur, while some do it. Born in Nalbari Assam, Chinmoy says he completed his studies in Guwahati. His family shifted to Guwahati when he was young because of his father's job. It was in 2012 when he got infatuated with social media. Chinmoy says 'I joined social media in 2012 and opened a Facebook account right after my 10th. I spent a couple of hours online each day and it used to be fun. But after a year and a half, it got stagnating. . After my 12th in 2014, I got addicted to Twitter. I joined Twitter as a fan of Virat Kohli to cheer him up. In 2017 the latter half I got to know that influencer marketing is a good source of income. I started doing some work with some agencies. In 2018 I met my current business partner and discussed opening a digital marketing firm'.

The year 2014-2015 was exceptionally good and challenging me, as it was then when I decided to take the plunge into the field of social media marketing and digital marketing and devote all my time and energy to it. My social media account had experienced significant growth between the years 2015-17. In the year 2017, I received my first offer for brand collaboration. This assured me that I was moving in the right direction and encouraged myself to take up more work and responsibilities. By then social media was growing at an unprecedented rate and people had discovered its use beyond making friends across countries.

In 2018, he met his current business partner from Navi Mumbai, and they both decided to start a company. It was a friendship at an intellectual level and they both realized they think in the same direction, he says.

Chinmoy Sharma describes his venture Eerlik Media is a digital marketing company based in Navi Mumbai. We offer services like social media promotion, content writing, graphic designing, website designing, and SEO, etc. We basically help our clients by making them reach the pan-India audience. We make the best social media strategy for our clients. We believe in not only providing the best of the services but also in providing our clients with the best result - he claims.