Chinmoy Das
Chinmoy Das

Chinmoy Das, a young talented movie lover, is known for his creative work. Chinmoy Das comes from the Assam where Bollywood movies are not so famous. But may he is born to work in Indian film. Chinmoy is currently living in dream place of India Mumbai.

His age doesn't define his maturity, and he is far more mature than his age. Fantastic vision for movies has helped him the right name in a short period of time. Chinmoy Das always wanted to work in film. He started his work when he was in college. Chinmoy used to meet people who were of the same interest. Slowly he made the team and this way; he was able to create a small production team of experts.

Chinmoy Das was looking for a good story in his college days which can give some message to the society. At that time he heard the news about a woman beaten up by an entire village just because she went to a night school without letting anyone know. Chinmoy Das instantly discussed about that story with his fellow teammates.

Finally, the script was ready, and they started to work on it, and he wanted to show our people the reality of women empowerment. Story and all was ready, but they were not able to find financer for their dream project. They went to many production houses and met many other people for this project as he was confident for this real project. Chinmoy Das is working on this project taking auditions of actors for this project. His target is to try a new face for this project as he has planned to give a chance to young and talented actors who can showcase their talent with this movie.

Chinmoy Das is sure that people will love this movie and learned many things from it and even they will see another side of women empowerment with this movie. Well, everything is under process we might see this project coming on the silver screen by 2020.

Here's wishing Chinmoy Das all the best for his first real project, we hope that he can showcase his talent and his journey as a Director gets wings to fly high and long.

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