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The futuristic invisibility technology only seen in sci-fi and fantasy films may become a reality in few years, if Chinese researchers are to be believed.

Scientists of our neighboring country are reportedly working on an invisibility device, capable of hiding objects in plain sight.

Taking the cognizance of the potential uses in military, the Chinese government is funding 40 research teams to fructify this breakthrough technology, reported SCMP (South China Morning Post).

Last month, a group of Chinese graduates - led by Professor Chen Hongsheng - at Zhejiang University released a video demonstrating their prototype model that made a fish and a cat partially disappear. [To view the clip, Click Here]

The cloaking, device made of glass, resembles a hexagonal prism and reportedly uses light's refraction property to create the disappearing illusion.

Apart from the glass-based invisibility cloaking device, the Chinese university has also developed another innovative gadget capable of bypassing heat sensors and metal detectors.

The two prototypes developed by Zhejiang University, if practically implemented, can be used to design a new-generation of stealth fighter aircrafts, capable of evading heat-seeking missiles, and also boast reduced the Radar Cross-Section (RCS) to become truly invisible in the sky.

Current crop of stealth fighter jets in select developed countries use precision design and advanced paint coating to deflect and absorb infrared signals to evade radar detection.