Chinese Millionaire builds luxury villas for resident of his Hometown
Chinese millionaire builds luxury villas for residents of his villageScreenshot/Youtube

A millionaire Chinese businessman has honoured his humble beginnings in a unique way. He bulldozed the wooden huts and muddy roads in the village he grew up in and built luxury homes for the residents.

Xiong Shuihua, who was born and raised in the Xiongkeng village of Xinyu city in southern China, felt indebted to the residents who were kind to him during his childhood. Now that he has raised a fortune from the steel industry, the 54-year-old finally got the opportunity to thank them by replacing their shabby huts with luxury flats, reported Mail Online.

Eighteen families, who were particularly kind to the business tycoon when he was poor, were gifted with villas of their own.

His kindness does not end with providing a roof over the heads of the 72 families living in the village though, Shuihua has also promised older residents of his hometown with low incomes that they would be fed three meals a day.

The roads of Xiongkeng village used to be dirty and commuting was extremely cumbersome, but now, thanks to Shuihua, the entire colony looks brand spanking new.

"I earned more money than I knew what to do with, and I didn't want to forget my roots." Shuihua said. "I always pay my debts, and wanted to make sure the people who helped me when I was younger and my family were paid back."

Local resident Qiong Chu, 75, elated by Shuihua's kindness revealed, "I remember his parents. They were kind-hearted people who cared very much for others, and it's great that their son has inherited that kindness."

The village, which was nowhere near as impoverished as some areas in China, is now decorated with public art, including a statue, lush gardens and a playground.