Valentine's Day
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A month after a Chinese youth made news for juggling 17 girlfriends, a 41-year-old man in China has been charged with fraud for a similar, yet more deplorable, act -- that of dating 15 college girls less than half his age. 

The Chinese man, identified as Tian, himself has an 18-year-old daughter, and dated 15 university students whom he wooed through a popular Chinese instant messaging service. 

Tian also conned the young girls out of 350,000 yuan over a period of four years and was charged with fraud on Wednesday, China Daily reported citing Beijing Times. 

Tian posed as the head of a big luxury company and told his 'girlfriends' that he was a graduate from two of China's prestigious universities. 

The man even had sexual relations with the young girls, according to a Chinese web blog, which reported that he was a divorcee and was unemployed. 

In fact, several of the girls Tian 'dated' even stayed in the same dormitory, the report said. 

Last month, a Chinese youth, identified as Yuan, was caught out for having 17 girlfriends when all of them showed up to see him at a hospital after he was in a car accident. 

The man was married to a woman and had even fathered a child with another. 

Yuan, too, was charged and arrested for fraud.