Chinese advertisement goes viral
Chinese advertisement goes viralQiaobi

Television commercials are meant to promote products or services, but a Chinese advertisement of a detergent brand has been opened to negative responses from several people who have been tagging it as the most racist commercial ever.

The commercial of Qiaobi washing powder begins with a woman loading the washing machine when a Black man with paint on his face and t-shirt tries to flirt with her. As he is about to kiss her, she stuffs a tablet of detergent in his mouth and puts him inside the laundry machine. Moments after screaming inside the machine, the Black man comes out as a light-skinned Chinese man. The ad ends with the slogan: "Change starts with Qiaobi."

The commercial has gone viral on social media within a day of hitting the cyberspace. The 50-second ad shared on the Facebook page of a user named Christopher Powell has gone viral with over 2,710,246 views, while the same video shared on the official social media page of Shanghaiist has been viewed 1,155,244 times. Meanwhile, the commercial shared on the YouTube page of Benoit Florençon has been viewed more than 1,586,395 times in less than a day. (all figures at the time of reporting)

"This implies that Black men are dirty, and therefore inferior to clean Chinese men. I do not think is a good commercial to be promoted in China [sic]," writes a social media user Edwin Chen on Facebook.

Check out the response of audience here:

Claudio Marcius Melfi

Wow. That is really the most racist ad I have ever seen. Would certainly cause civil and criminal law suits if aired in other countries.

Erica Lightfoot

This is disgusting. It's terrifying to think how many people were involved in this "production" and thought it was a good idea. If you had described it to me I wouldn't have believed it actually existed. 

Katie Jordan

Disgusting!!! I can't even believe he would actually participate and get paid for doing it!! Just no.

Watch the viral commercial here: