Chinese businessman arrested for eating tigers, drinking their blood.
A Chinese businessman has been arrested for eating tigers, drinking their blood.Reuters

A Chinese businessman has been jailed for 13 years for killing three tigers and eating their body parts, including penises.

The wealthy real-estate developer was prosecuted by a court in Southern China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

According to China Central Television, the man identified only as "Xu" had not only eaten tigers and drunk their blood, but also organised tours for 15 people interested in buying tigers on three successive occasions in 2013.

He took them to Leizhou in Guangdong Province in South China and transported the organs and dead bodies of the tigers to Guangxi.

Xu is said to have a "special hobby of grilling tiger bones, boning tiger paws, storing tiger penis, eating tiger meat and drinking tiger-blood alcohol," according a report by China's state news agency, Xinhua from June, when the man first stood for trial.

The "tiger eater" had begun the trade around March last year, while touring to Longmen Township of Leizhou city in Guangdong along with his "guests" for their first deal. The tiger was killed by electrocution and took the dismembered body to Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, after which Xu treated his friends with a meal of tiger meat.

Two more tigers have been killed in a similar fashion on 21 April and 20 May in the same year. Xu bought the flesh, bones, internal organs and blood at the scene and transported them to Nanning. One of their deals, recorded by someone who happened to be nearby, reached the hands of the police and Xu was promptly arrested.

Police have recovered eight pieces of animal meat and bones from a refrigerator in Xu's home, some of which have been identified as tiger parts, including a penis, the report added.

The total value of the tiger products illegally transported by Xu is estimated to be around 44 million yuan ($232,230).

Xu was sentenced to 13 years in jail by Guangxi's Qinbei District People's Court for illegally transporting endangered animals, with a penalty of 1.55 million yuan ($ 249,850) on 30 April. His appeal against the sentence was rejected on Monday, upholding the 13-year sentence.

Fourteen other members of the "tiger-eating" tour have received jail terms ranging from five to six and a half years.