Chinese bride prank goes wrong
Chinese bride and groom fight in the middle of Dongmen Old Street in Shenzhen.screenshot/youtube

A Chinese bride chose the absolute worst day to prank her fiancé; the day of their wedding. In a perfect example of prank gone terribly wrong, following a bride's attempt to test how much her would-be husband truly loves her, the man decided that he doesn't in fact love her enough to get married to her.

A bride in Shenzhen, China, decided to make herself look much older than her actual age for the pre-wedding photo shoot in the streets to see if he would still love her. Unfortunately, for the woman, the man was the least bit impressed and in fact, got mad at her antics.

Upon seeing her unflattering make up, he began screaming at her and things spiraled out of control soon enough. The groom insisted that the woman remove her make up immediately and expressed deep anger for her prank. The bride on her part was furious at him for not expressing a more romantic reaction as she had yearned and refused to take the makeup off.

She insisted that if the groom was still capable of loving her when she is 70, wrinkled and old, he should not have an issue with taking photos with her dressed as she was.

The couple started bickering and screaming at each other in the middle of Dongmen Old Street in Shenzhen as an excited crowd gathered around them, capturing the drama on their mobile phone cameras. Witnesses claim that the man hurled his glasses onto the ground before leaving the woman crying inconsolably in the street.

The bride told reporters that her original intention was to test his commitment, to see if he would still love her if she looked like an old lady. She further added that her former fiancé had the reputation of being a philanderer and when questioned why she would want to marry a womanizer, she insisted that he treated her very well.

The day that should have remained magical and beautiful turned out to be ugly, although one for the memory books.