India-China ties
[Representational image]Official website of the Chinese Embassy in India

China will fight back against India's interference in its relations with other South Asian countries, said Chinese mouthpiece Global Times on Tuesday. 

The editorial harps on its long-standing argument that India needs to be a part of the China-led development that can only indicate the One Belt One Road project. A cartoon in the state-owned newspaper on Tuesday also shows Prime Minister Narendra Modi sweating and pondering if he should join the bus of OBOR, while the passengers inside sing and laugh. 

The editorial said that India was confused about its policies towards China since India invited Dalai Lama to an international Buddhist seminar in Bihar. India's closeness with the Dalai Lama has always rankled the Chinese, who said that India is trying to "display its strength and leverage in order to put pressure on or counterbalance Beijing."

It also criticised the way the national media covered the visit of China's State Councilor and Defense Minister General Chang Wanquan to Sri Lanka and Nepal. Hindustan Times reportedly said that Chang's visit to Nepal and a joint military drill between China and Nepal has made New Delhi "nervous."

The Chinese newspaper attempts to explain how India treats South Asia and the Indian Ocean as its "backyard."

"Its uneasiness toward Beijing's growing influence in the region is obvious. For instance, New Delhi is one of the crucial reasons why China and Bhutan, which is controlled by India economically and diplomatically, have not yet established diplomatic relations," the editorial said. 

India's "vigilance" has affected China's relations with Sri Lanka and Nepal. But China views the neutral position taken by the two countries as a pro-Beijing policy since they have allowed the country to make huge investments. 

The editorial said that India's "peripheral countries" are China's neighbours as well indicating that India doesn't treat them as equals. 

"New Delhi should stop being extremely sensitive toward each and every move between China and its neighbors. Sri Lanka and Nepal are actually looking forward to joint projects with China, given their poor infrastructure. When an increasing number of Chinese companies get established in these countries, it is inevitable that Beijing will boost defense collaboration with them to protect not only China's, but also the region's interest," the editorial said.