A thief in China, who stole from students during an outdoor party at the Wuhan University, finally had to call the police after he got surrounded by the angry students.

The students of Wuhan University of Technology in central China undergo compulsory military training and are known for being 'tough.' This information was apparently not known to the thief.

Images released on social media show the thief hiding inside a room on the university campus while angry students are trying to break open the door. The viral photos show hundreds of students around the building in which the thief was said to be hiding.

According to Trending in China, the thief finally called the police on his own and asked them to save him from the students. 

While his saviours (the police) were quick to arrive, the photos shared on the social media sites show the thief sitting hunched on the floor with no pants on, after being handcuffed by the cops. In the pictures, the police surround him, possibly to save him from further humiliation by the students. 

The varsity students were in the news back in September, after photographs and video released by the college showed some 9,000 students undergoing compulsory military training.

The images also published by The Daily Mail showed the students in military uniform going through harsh military training before the start of their university education.