Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday launched the process of overhauling the massive People's Liberation Army, urging top commanders to be ready for cuts in troops and regrouping of commands. 

The move comes nearly three months after Jinnping made a major announcement of cutting three lakh troops during his speech at the Chinese V-Day parade. 

The revamping of the Chinese army will see the restructuring of the existing seven commands into four zones, more power in the hands of the defence ministry, and downsizing of the world's biggest army into a 'nimble' force to match the standards of Western armies, South China Morning Post reported. 

The reforms are part of China's plan to convert its Soviet-styled army into a modern one on par with forces in the West, the report said. 

"It's a long-anticipated overhaul for grass-roots soldiers because it's a practical push to turn the PLA into a real modern army of international standard," a source told the newspaper

Xi Jinping announced the launch of the reforms during a plenary session of the Central Military Commission, and urged military officials to adhere to the new system. 

However, there is reportedly discomfort within the PLA, given that three command officers are set to lose their posts, and there may even reportedly be a contraction of the army's four headquarters into a single one. 

China's reforms in its armed forces come even as it continues with its quest in the South China Sea despite warnings from the United States and some neighbouring nations. 

During the V-Day parade on 3 September, China put on display military equipment seen for the first time, in a show of strength.