A Google Android figurine at the Google office in Toronto
A Google Android figurine sits on the welcome desk as employee Tracy McNeilly smiles at the new Google office in Toronto, November 13, 2012.Reuters

A report released by Baidu, China's dominant search company has revealed that China has over 270 million Android users.

Google announced in September that it had activated 1 billion devices to date, out of which 270 million devices were activated in China, which is around 30 percent of the total global market.

Chinese Android app store Wandoujia recently revealed that more than 70 percent of the Android phones in China didn't have Google Play services and instead used Baidu as their default service.  Hence, the widespread use of the search company makes the data accurate and valuable.

Although Baidu's research has shown that 2013 had a slower growth for Android users, the amount of time spent on their phones have significantly increased - 150 minutes every day, an increase of 26 minutes from the last quarter, according to The Next Web. The report also said that users check their phones 53 times a day, an 11. 3 percent increase from last year.

The Chinese Android users download 10.5 apps a month on an average and there are now 45 percent users in tier three and four cities, which is a 10 percent jump from last year.

The report has found that Wi-Fi is the preferred medium for accessing the internet. However, the increased users and usage hasn't brought down the cost of these services. 

Tencent has become the leading internet provider in the country with most mobile apps installed on smartphones. The position can be attributed to the popular social networking apps such as QQ and WeChat, owned by the company.

Tencent also has the most number of daily users, followed by Baidu.

The report has shown that the world's largest smartphone market is also the a huge marketplace for Android - something developers should keep in mind.