China Creates World's Thinnest Condom (Representational Image)
China Creates World's Thinnest Condom (Representational Image) Flickr/robertelyov

A Chinese company has reportedly developed the world's thinnest condom, thereby making its way to set a new record in the Guinness World Record.

The ultra-slim condom has been manufactured by a China-based company, Guangzhou Daming United Rubber Products that develops about 200 million condoms yearly.

The condom named Aoni, measures just 0.0014 inch in thickness (0.036 millimeters) thus beating the previous record of Okamoto, a condom created by Japanese company, according to Live Science. 

At present, the Aoni is available only in Asian countries but its developers' hope to introduce it in North American markets too. Victor Chan, the lead in the Aoni project claims that the process of designing the ultra-thin and durable condom was quite challenging.

"It was quite tricky. It took a lot of work to arrange the right mix and fine-tune the ingredients to give us the right performance", Chan said. 

In recent times, novelty in condom technology has grabbed a lot of interest. The main aim behind such innovations is to encourage men in using them more often, which in turn will help minimize the rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unexpected pregnancies.

In another project, researchers at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville are trying to use superelastomers, a stretchy material that makes condom thinner. In a similar project, scientists at the University of Manchester are combining latex with graphene, which is a form of carbon that produces stronger, thinner condoms with more elasticity.

Both the projects have been funded with $100,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.