"Go Away Mr. Tumour", the film adaption of popular Chinese comic series by online cartoonist Xiong Dun, got a stupendous opening at the Chinese box office, with the four-day collection reaching $2.2 billion (14227 million Chinese Yuan).

The movie, directed by Yan Han, was released on Friday, 14 August. It took the top spot in its first weekend and dethroned the 3D fantasy adventure "Monster Hunt", which was ruling the box office for the past few weeks.

"Go Away Mr. Tumour" tells the real-life story of a young Chinese cartoonist, Xiong Dun, who died at the age of 30 after battling a malignant tumor.

The film stars Baihe Bai, Daniel Wu, Yuan Li, Wayne, Yi Cheng, Lili Liu, Jianyi Li, Xiaochuan Li, Li Jinchen, Teng Shen, Li Qin, Ma Boyong and Shiliu Liu.

While Raman Hui's "Monster Hunt" ranked second at the Chinese box office with an earning of $1.17 billion (7486 million Chinese Yuan), Hugues Martel's "Roco Kingdom 4" collected $416 million (2667 million Chinese Yuan) in its first weekend.

XiaoPeng Tian's "Monkey King: Hero is Back" was at fourth position with a collection of $344 million (2201 million Chinese Yuan), while Oxide Pang Chun's "Detective Gui" was at fifth, earning $333 million (2136 million Chinese Yuan).

Other movies in the top ten list, according to the Chinese film box office data centre, are Chengpeng Dong's "Jian Bing Man"; Ben Zhao's "Snow White: The Mysterious Father"; Wang Yunfei's "Kwai Boo"; Sheng-jun Yu's "Mr. Black: Green Star" and Dante Lam's "To The Fore".