Jackie Chan may be an action star that has an international fan-base, but he not the one to disregard tips on improving his techniques, regardless of the instructor's age. In a video that was recorded during the filming of the 2011 film "Shaolin", a young Shaolin master is seen demonstrating some brilliant moves to Chan, and even correcting him when he thinks Chan is not doing a good job.

The clip that was recently uploaded to YouTube, shows the strict young master repositioning Chan's stances when required and even demonstrating different move step-by-step for him. The Shaolin master displayed an austere "if you are going to do it, do it right" attitude.

In wonderment of the middle school-aged boy's skills and in reference to the "Shaolin" films' history, many comments joke that the boy is in fact an aged Master. "The real story is this isn't a boy it's a 200 year old Shaolin Master," said Madame Lulu, to which Lukáš Váňa replied, "874 Years old in fact. Yoda his name is."

After learning all that his master had to demonstrate, Chan and the boy exchanged a few seconds of awkward "should we hug, or should we shake hands", before settling on a blow-up fist bump. Bongholio describes the silent conversation accurately with,

JC: Ahhhhh! Hug?
Shaolin: No.
JC: Handshake?
Shaolin: No.
JC: Fist Bump?
Shaolin: Correct choice.

Most fans are fascinated by the young Master, and admit that he is most definitely capable of beating them to pulp. "Just watching stance of this kid shows it that he will be not only great in "phisical stuff" but in math and other things that matter even more than those stunts," commented Felipe Massa

Watch the magical clip of Jackie Chan learning Shaolin from the young master here: