A chief medical officer of a municipal hospital in Govindpuri, New Delhi, allegedly committed suicide on Friday.

The body of a 40-year-old woman, identified as Sushma Rani Singh, was found hanging from a ceiling fan of her bedroom on Friday night at around 11:40 p.m.

She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared her dead on arrival.

The police also recovered a suicide note from Sushma's residence saying that she ended her life as she was cheated by someone called Gurcharan Singh.

The woman's two siblings claimed that the handwriting on the suicide note was not of their sister's and suspected foul play. They demanded the police to investigate her husband.

Sushma's brother Jugal Kishore blamed his brother-in-law Fahim Ansari for his alleged involvement in her sudden death.

He said that his sister was a victim of domestic violence and used to consume sleeping pills on a daily basis to overcome her misery.

"She used to complain of torture and exploitation by her husband whenever we talked," The Hindu quoted Kishore as saying.

Kishore also said that the relationship between the two had strained long back but the couple kept their marriage going for the sake of their family and children.

"She was scared to do so as it could have affected her family life," Kishore said.

"Even on the night of her death, when I went to their house, she and her husband had an argument. He used to harass her mentally and physically. Despite the fact that she was a qualified doctor and earned well, she had no financial freedom," he added.

Meanwhile, the police have discovered that the date written on the suicide note was January 20, and that the signature on the note did not match with that of Sushma's. Authorities are now investigating the case from all angles.