A bizarre report that is bound to make PETA activists fume in anger has claimed that the Islamic State (Isis) militants are using chickens strapped with explosives as improvised suicide bombers to attack Kurdish militia groups in Syria. The terrorist organisation recently used its improvised 'chicken suicide bombers' in the Syrian province of Al-Hasakah and Fallujah in Iraq, reports said.

After strapping a hen with an explosive belt, it was left to wander near an enemy camp and as it inched close to the target, the bomb got detonated.

"ISIS will use whatever means they can to bring death and destruction. Using animals which have little military value - it is just another example of how their twisted minds enjoy dreaming up bizarre ways to kill people," a British national fighting with Kurdish forces, who did not want to be named, told the Jordan-based Albawaba news website.

Images of the so-called 'Isis chicken suicide bomber' were recently shared on social media platforms after Kurdish forces claimed that they caught one of the explosive-strapped chicken in Hasakah.

According to the Daily Star, Isis, which is fast running out of resources, is being forced to depend on improvised techniques. The militant group, which in recent days has suffered several defeats along its supply lines in Syria, is being forced to use crude devices, the report observed.

The bizarre claim cannot be verified independently. However, according to Albawaba, shockingly this is not the first time that Isis is found to have used animals for carrying out deadly attacks. It claimed that there was an instance where Isis had sent a goat-strapped with explosives into the base of the Kurdish fighters in Kobani.