The first season of NBC's medical-drama series left the fans devastated and sad after it ended last month. However, viewers are looking forward to some good news among Gaffney Chicago Medical Center's staff in the upcoming season.

In Season 1, Dr Rhodes (Colin Donnell) was seen desperately trying to save the life of his mentor and inspiration Dr Downey (Gregg Henry). However, in spite of all his efforts, he was unable to save Dr Downey and he died at the end of the season.

Though Rhodes was devastated by the loss, it seems he might find romance in Season 2 to recover from it, as hinted by executive producer Andrew Schneider in an interview with TV Line.

"You can't have a guy who's that talented and good-looking and not have him be in love a little," Schneider said.

As reported by Christian Times, it seems that Dr Choi (Brian Tee) will be see success with his career as he will continue moving ahead, facing "some new challenges." The website has also stated that "a little surprise" will also be revealed about Dr Charles (Oliver Platt) in "Chicago Med" Season 2.

In other news, S. Epatha Merkerson, who plays the character of Sharon Goodwin in the series, has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Recently, she shared her experience with the disease and said that her colleagues were very supportive when they came to know of her condition.

"They all know that I have Type 2 diabetes. Everyone on set knows. Even the craft service people, they only put things in my camper that they know that I can eat. I asked for a soda the other day and she said 'No. I put some things in your room that I think are healthier choices.' So, I let everybody know, and now they're making me toe the line, which is really good," Merkerson told TV Guide.

Though the exact premiere date of "Chicago Med" Season 2 has not been announced yet, the series is expected to return to NBC this fall.