In the latest episode of NBC's "Chicago Med", titled "iNO", Dr Ethan Choi will apparently find a half-conscious teenaged girl who reveals that she has abandoned her baby.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Dr Choi treats a teen mother who abandoned her newborn in an alley, as the staffers must make difficult decisions about the teen's future. Also, a hypochondriac with chest pain is treated, as is a patient suffering from possible dementia.

As mentioned by TV Guide, Dr Choi encounters a teen mother who is in dire need of medical attention. Besides the fact that the girl is underage, she has also left her newborn in an unknown alley, which alarms the staffers. The teen is confused and scared, and now it is up to Dr Choi and his team to treat her properly and find her child.

In the meantime, other resident doctors come across a couple of cases that need special care. One is of a person who is suffering from hypochondria and is repeatedly complaining of chest pain.

Now, the doctors will have to be patient and assure the worried man he is perfectly fine.

In the premiere episode titled "Derailed", the grand opening of Chicago Med's emergency department was interrupted by victims of an "L" train crash, pushing the staff to their limits.

Dr Will Halstead and new ER surgeon Dr Connor Rhodes argued over the way patients were treated at the hospital.

Meanwhile, pregnant paediatrician Dr Natalie Manning revealed that her husband was killed during a trip.

At the end of the episode, Halstead and Manning were left with no choice but to do an emergency surgery on a patient who was surrogate to a couple.