Jesse Spencer as Casey
Jesse Spencer as CaseyFacebook / Chicago Fire

In the upcoming season of NBC's action-drama series "Chicago Fire," it seems that Casey (Jesse Spencer) will have to carefully think about his decision of proposing to Dawson (Monica Raymund) as if he gets married to her, he will also have to become foster father of Dawson's son, Louie.

Previously, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer of the series Matt Olmstead, had said that the next season is open to the idea of Casey and Dawson getting together.

Fans are also eagerly looking forward to see their two favourite characters from the show getting hitched. Both Casey and Dawson have been on an on-off relationship in previous seasons, keeping the anxiety of the fans intact.

After Dawson lost her first baby, she and Casey moved on in different directions. However, fans still expected to see them back together. In the last season, fans were shocked when Casey decided to propose to Dawson and broke up with Susan (Lauren Stamile). Though they both are together for now, there are several unexpected hurdles about to come in their way in Season 5.

After the accident, Dawson has changed significantly and since she is a mother to her adopted son now, Casey has to be mentally prepared while proposing to her as he will also have to take in Louie.

Being married and becoming a father at the same time might be a little too much to deal with for Casey and he may find it more difficult than he is expecting. However, since he has proved in the past that how much he cares for Dawson, which includes losing his position as Alderman for her, it might not be an issue for him.

In an interview with TV Line, Olmstead talked about the couple's journey in the upcoming season and whether it will work or not.

"We're not averse to that. [However], it's not something that they would do 'shotgun-style' just to facilitate an adoption. They wouldn't do it just for appearances sake. If and when they do it, they'll do it because it's time. We want a big episode, for sure. There may be something big with Casey and Dawson. We're not going to treat it like just any episode."

"Chicago Fire" Season 5 will premiere on Oct. 11, Tuesday on NBC.