In the upcoming episode of NBC's "Chicago Fire" season 4 titled "2112," it seems that Severide will have a bad time because of the way Patterson treats him.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Boden's new neighbour asks him for a favour that could have serious repercussions. Besides, Severide is upset when he's treated like a candidate by Patterson.

Meanwhile, Cruz is visited by a gang-banger who knows his brother. In other events, the team responds to a call that involves an 18-wheeler and is thanked with tickets to see Rush.

TV Guide has mentioned that Severide is upset because he has been treated like a normal candidate by Patterson when he is a former head of Rescue Squad 3. He thinks that he has already proved his skills as an efficient firefighter and doesn't need all the basic training.

However, Patterson is in no mood to listen to him and despite Severide's constant protests, he compels him to go through all the beginner level trainings.

In the meantime, due to his good intended works, Chief Boden will land into some trouble. It begins when his neighbour asks him for a favour that he is not able to refuse.

Elsewhere, the members of Firehouse 51 are called to help in connection with an accident where an 18-wheeler truck has crashed. Satisfied with the team's work, they are offered free tickets to a concert of Rush, a famous Canadian rock band.

Global TV reported that despite on-duty, Mooch and Herrmann will find it hard to control their excitement as they both are big fans of Rush. Besides, it will be a good opportunity for the team to siphon off all the stress through which they have been going lately.