In the latest episode of NBC's "Chicago Fire" titled "I walk Away," it seems Brett and Chili are in mortal danger while trying to save a stabbing victim who is bleeding to death.

CLICK HERE to watch whether Brett and Chili will get out of the danger and save themselves along with the injured person or not.

According to the synopsis of the episode, "The pressure on Firehouse 51 is at an all-time high as the internal affairs investigation into the handling of a recent fire picks up steam. Just when it appears that game-changing evidence comes to light that would serve to bail out Chief Boden new twists emerge that put his head right back on the chopping block."

The synopsis also mentions Brett and Chili respond to a routine call and quickly find themselves in a life and death situation while helping the victim who is bleeding. 

Meanwhile, a stuck elevator summons the house to a high-rise hotel that tests everyone's mettle and candidate Jimmy Borrelli (guest star Steven R. McQueen) is confronted when his elder brother Danny (guest star Andy Ahrens) tries to get him transferred to a different house.

As reported by Christian Today, Steven R. McQueen of "The Vampire Diaries" will guest star as candidate Jimmy Borrelli who makes some serious decision regarding his elder brother, Danny (Andy Ahrens), who wants him to move to a different house.

Earlier, we had reported that in the previous episode titled "A Taste of Panama City," Boden faced a difficult situation as an internal investigation in the aftermath of a complicated call complicated his position. The members of the firehouse found themselves helpless as there was nothing they could have done to save their chief.

It seems the troubles have just begun for Chief Boden, whether he will manage to make his way out of it or not can be found only in the upcoming episode.