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After a long break, NBC's "Chicago Fire" returns March 29 and in the upcoming episode titled "What Happened to Courtney," after responding to an emergency call, Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Cruz (Joe Minoso) make a horrible discovery that leaves them in shock.

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According to the synopsis by The Futon Critic, "Severide and Cruz will be responding to an emergency call concerning a potential carbon monoxide leak inside a home. What seems to be an ordinary response duty turns out to be quite terrifying when they uncover the remains of a child trapped inside the chimney."

The promo of the episode gives a sneak peek into what might turn up in the upcoming episode. A thermal scan of a body placed behind the walls can be seen. Afterwards, Severide and Cruz can be seen retrieving something from beneath the bricks that is seemingly the dead body of the child mentioned in the synopsis.

Will Severide and Cruz be able to identify the body or not, will be only seen once the episode airs.

In the previous episode titled "Two Ts," Casey's ran for city's Alderman took a bad turn when billboards about his personal life started to show up everywhere in the city.

Meanwhile, Brett and Borelli investigated a possible kidnapping case while the members of Firehouse 51 tried to throw Mouch a bachelor party. However, they got a little disappointed when Trudy's half brother took charge of it. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Severide and Kidd had an awkward past.

"Chicago Fire" Season 4 Episode 17 titled "What Happened to Courtney" premieres April 9 on NBC.