Chetan Bhagat
Chetan BhagatReuters

Investment banker turned writer Chetan Bhagat has landed up in a soup after his tasteless 'rupee crisis' tweet using the 'rape' metaphor amassed public ire.

On Wednesday, just when the rupee cascaded heavily against dollar, the author had tweeted, "The Rupee is asking, is there no punishment for my rapists?"

The controversial tweet was enough to take the social networking site users and intellectuals by storm as heavy condemnation poured in for the 39-year-old popular author.

Bhagat however, was quick to delete the tweet which evoked condemnation from several women rights group as many saw it insensitive, mindless and as slur on the fragile situation of the country, reeling under the plight of endless crimes against women.

"He probably didn't even think before tweeting this. There are women who have to fight sexual brutality every day. It is as easy for a man to inflict such violence as it was for him to post a tweet. Coming at a time when the country is suffering from a rape epidemic, this is very insensitive. Rape is not a joke," Social activist Ranjana Kumari was quoted as saying by Times of India. 

Just as volley of tweets against Bhagat's controversial tweet continued, socialist Shobha De dropped a similar bomb using the imagery which the author even retweeted followed by asking "Now What?"

De had written, "Dumb questions: If the UPA government is forced to quit, does the Opposition possess a magic wand to fix the rupee-rape crisis overnight."

In response to the attacking tweets, The "Three Mistakes of My Life" author shot back saying, "People are flipping out on using word rape as metaphor. Murder is Ok... Oh wait, chance to attack someone, Why miss?"

However, the author's 'Rupee-Rape' tweet also found takers as many voiced that the tweet criticism was mainly lame and overlooked the main target of failing economy which was actually the author's concern.