Chetan Bhagat turns Flipkart delivery boy
Chetan Bhagat turns Flipkart delivery boyTwitter/Chetan Bhagat

There has been a lot of buzz around Chetan Bhagat's latest book "Half Girlfriend" since its unveiling back in August.

The writer's sixth novel was the top trending topic in India, with people tweeting funny comebacks to the unusual title. In fact, so many people were visiting the "Half Girlfriend" website at the same time that it crashed soon after its unveiling.

"Half Girlfriend" also remained in the news with rumours regarding its film adaptation, with Mohit Suri claiming that he is ready to convert it into a film even before the book released.

The book was finally released on 1 October, and if you were among the few lucky customers, it was delivered to you by none other than Bhagat himself. The video of him dressed in a Flipkart uniform and delivering his latest novel to customers who pre-ordered it has been posted on his official YouTube channel.

The video begins with a Flipkart employee and Bhagat knocking on a customer's door who is surprised at seeing the author at his doorstep and exclaims: "Oh my god! Aren't you Chetan Bhagat?"

Bhagat confirms that he is in fact himself, and explains that since his book came out and it is a busy day for Flipkart, he is helping out with the deliveries. He further meets the lady of the house, who is even more surprised at seeing the author, who thanks the duo for ordering his book.

"You actually came to give me this book?" she asks unbelievingly, before clicking a selfie with Bhagat.

Bhagat sits down with the couple and explains the premise of "Half Girlfriend".

"It's about a boy and a girl. The boy is from Bihar, he doesn't speak English well, and the girl is not sure if she should date him or not. And she agrees to be his "Half Girlfriend".

Bhagat is then seen delivering the book to John Abraham at a set, telling him that his book is called "Half Girlfriend", and that he is sure Abraham must have had many half girlfriends in his life.

Abraham congratulates Bhagat on the release of the book, before the latter goes off to wake up a sleeping man, and deliver the book he had pre-ordered a month back.

Bhagat is further seen delivering the book to a few more houses, during which one avid fan asked him to autograph his copies of two of Bhagat's other books "The Three Mistakes of My Life" and "2 States".

The final delivery went to "Heropanti" actress Kriti Sanon, who is rumoured to be the leading lady for the film adaptation of "Half Girlfriend".

An elated Sanon even tweeted a picture of herself with delivery boy Bhagat.