Author Chetan Bhagat is known to make controversial statements every now and then, and on Friday, he chose to target historians through his tweets, referring to those who have voiced their protest against growing 'intolerance' in the country. 

Bhagat posted a snarky tweet on Friday morning that read - "We had so many historians?", likely in the context of over 50 historians speaking out, which he then followed by asking "What do historians do?"

"What do historians do? I am genuinely curious. This happened. Then this happened. Then this. Ok work done for the day," Bhagat tweeted. 

The author's remarks come in the light of more than 50 historians, including the noted Romila Thapar, voicing their protest against "highly vitiated atmosphere prevailing in the country, characterised by various forms of intolerance".

Bhagat had earlier also mocked writers who returned their Sahitya Akademi awards in protest of the Dadri lynching and the murders of rationalists such as MM Kalburgi.

"Ok so am I also supposed to return my Sahitya Academy award? Oh wait. Haven't got it yet," Bhagat had joked earlier this month. 

The writer was sharply flayed by Twitterati over the post, with one reply by a netizen claiming that he will return his 'ration card in protest' if Bhagat were to receive the award, getting thousands of retweets. 

On Friday, too, Twitterati hit back at Bhagat over his seemingly innocuous question about historians. 

"Real historians do research, link excavation, manuscripts, inscriptions to find an order into things," one Twitter user reminded the author. 

Another comment seemed to mock Bahgat over his role as a judge on a dance show. 

"What do authors do? I am genuinely curious. Judge one talent show, then judge one dance show. Ok work done for the day," the post read. 

While there were many comments that derided the protesting historians, many Twitterati also hit back at Bhagat in not-very-sober words. 

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