Chernobyl miniseries
Chernobyl miniseries on HBOHBO(@hbo/Instagram)

HBO's Chernobyl has finally ended and it won't be wrong to say that this miniseries is far better than other ongoing shows for several reasons.

To begin with, Chernobyl is based on a real tragedy and with mere five episodes, the creators and actors showed the horror everyone endured during that time. It also made us believe that the world in which we currently live has grown since that time. People are better and so is the use of power.

Chernobyl is a depiction of an infected political system and it represents that era where everything was out of control. There are several instances in the show which will make you clutch your sheets. It is extra hard for animal lovers as it shows the tragedy animals had to face during the time of the nuclear disaster.

Meanwhile, after Chernobyl's finale, fans are buzzing that the star Jared Harris should get Emmy Awards for his work in the series. In the series, Jared Harris played the role of Valery Legasov. In the last and final episode, we saw Harris' Valery Legasov testifying at the trial of three men. His powerful speech about the flaws in the system and men's shortcoming was appreciated by several fans.

Check out a couple of tweets from the fans about Jared Harris' performance in HBO's Chernobyl:

Other actors in the series like Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson have also won praise for their respective roles of Boris Shcherbina and Ulana Khomyuk. Emmy Award nominations will be announced next month and we just have to wait if Chernobyl will get some nominations or not.

The dramatization of a national tragedy with such an intelligent dissection of the system is something which everyone likes to watch. Chernobyl has given the world what we longed to see from a very long time. A gripping narrative, some hard-hitting facts, a stellar cast, and haunting music. If you have not yet seen the show, then this should be on your top priority to binge-watch this weekend.

All the episodes of Chernobyl broadcast on HBO and Indian fans can stream them legally on Hotstar.