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Is the National Award winning filmmaker Cheran's journey in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 is finally coming to an end this week? This question has arisen in his fans' mind after he predicted his eviction this week. 

This week, four contestants like Cheran, Sandy, Tharshan and Kasturi Shankar are facing elimination test. In the episode aired on Thursday, 22 August, he is seen discussing with a few contestants that include Tharshan and Losliya about his possible eviction.

However, there is a belief among his fans that Cheran's fair conversation with Losliya and Kavin in the latest episode would fetch him good number of votes. To some extent, there is a sympathy for him among the viewers of Vijay TV's reality show for been cornered by the boys' gang comprising of Sandy, Kavin, Tharshan and Mugen. 

It may be recalled that at the start of the week, the viewers were predicting that Kasturi might be shown the door as she had completely disappointed them by failing to raise the entertainment quotient in Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

Meanwhile, the latest teaser of Bigg Boss Tamil indicate that Cheran has won the captaincy task, but there is no guarantee that he would be safe as there are instances of contestants' being evicted after becoming captains. 

In a poll conducted by The International Business Times over this week's eviction, Sandy and Cheran are getting maximum number of votes.

Check out select-few comments of his fans after yesterday's episode:

Tolerant_Indian: Same feel! Cheran gonna be title winner. Wait! last two time young boy and girl and this time as Cheran used to say to Kamal why not aged?! Family and rural audience is target for VTV with #Cheran
more over #Cheran has equal support as #tharshan has. while in fab5 others don't have this much. which is difficult to tharshan. Cheran knocked the right chord #tharshan & #losliya. #tharshan gameplay gonna hurt him badly. #biggbosstamil

Udhayasoorya: #Cheran once again proved why he is unique by his advices. This s y ppl like you sir. The way he spoke to #Kavin today He feels that he will go this week n thats y he did this. He even told tat to #Tharsan. There r some ppl who Think t even this as a drama. #BiggBossTamil3

AishTweetssz: Lykd #Cheran 's advice to both Kavin and Losliya.
Felt it was genuine, good that he talked to "both"☺
Keta kekatum kekati pogatum but he was concerned really..!
Today's full votes to him...

Encora: Today episode was good. #cheran rompa mature a #kavin #losliya kitta after the show pathi pesunathu even #kavin has understood but #Losliya still confused about next phase.

kosheyofficial: #tharshan is also trying to make #losliya to look at things wisely. If he is happy about #kavin & los, Im sure he will not bothered to explain about #cheran's caring level towards los. Los's mind no more in the game but "kavinfied" already.

Ragini Ramamurthy: #Cheran sir u prove you are a gem day by day!! Losliya always says enakku avan(Kavin) support panran, stand panraan, you never know Losliya who stands actually for you.. You don't deserve such a genuine love from Cheran sir.#BiggBossTamilS3