While some people just ignore beggars or toss a coin at times, a group of school children in Chennai are determined to help beggars lead dignified lives.

The Class 12 students of Kaligi Ranganathan Montford Matric School, Chennai, pooled their pocket-money recently to help transform the lives of beggars. They helped a beggar start a toy shop and got another beggar a job as a house-keeper in their school.

"Saroja (55) used to beg on the streets of Chennai, to feed her orphaned grand-children. Thanks to the efforts of these children, she now runs her own road-side shop in Perambur area, selling accessories, and earns a profit of Rs. 2000 every month" NDTV reported.

The children also helped another lady called Rosamma get the job of a house-keeper in their school. She earns a salary of Rs. 4000 every month.

Christie, a student in the school, told NDTV: "I feel like I have contributed something to the country. It gives me happiness."

"We scout the surroundings for beggars who are willing to work, and provide them with job opportunities such as security guards, sweepers," another student added.

R Naagar, formerly a beggar, was given a new lease of life when the school children pooled in Rs. 2500 and helped him set up a petty shop. He now sells candy and does not have to stretch out his arms begging for money.

The students say they have been enriched by the experience. They have picked up business tricks and also won praises from their school in the process.

Commending the goodwill work of the children,school headmistress Anita Daniel in an interview to NDTV said, "Being human is more important than to be just a human being. We train them to be better humans."