Road caves in Chennai
Road caved in near Government General Hospital in Chennai due to underground metro rail construction in the area.Twitter/ANI

A section of the road near Government General Hospital in Chennai reportedly caved in due to the ongoing underground metro rail construction in the area.

No casualties have been reported as yet. However, a picture posted by ANI showed a car stuck in the collapsed part of the road.

The incident occurred in the route where construction for underground Chennai Central Metro station is in process. 

Government General Hospital is one of the six entry and exit points to the Chennai Central Metro Station, which is part of the ongoing construction project of Line 2 of the Chennai Metro Rail.

Several such incidents at Chennai Metro Rail construction sites have been reported in the past few months.

Earlier in June, a motorcyclist was killed when a scaffolding iron pillar at a metro construction site fell on him as he was passing the area. In January, a construction worker died after falling from a scaffolding where he was working.