Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani has been at the receiving end over her few tweets related to flood-hit Chennai. Angry twitterati have called her as an "insensitive human" for trying to get publicity during the troubled times.

Like many celebrities, Sanjjanaa had tried to do her bit on Twitter by tweeting useful posts related to Chennai floods. All was well until she tweeted, "An optimist sees an opportunity in every disaster & makes it a better situation,a pessimist is wiseversa,staypositive," 

Immediately after this tweet, she wrote, "I post a pic with sensitiveheart & a msg #prayforchennai coz I'm proud to present my self in everyway for everything," The two back-to-back posts were enough to irk the people, who attacked her for trying to gain publicity out of such situation.

Many sharply reacted for the way she gave her sympathies as it was quite offending for them to see her posting a photo in which the actress is posing with flowers. Understanding that her tweets have angered the people, she posted, "If u don't have a dignified mind to understand my purefeelings & support ur most welcome to unfollow me,God bless u,"

Sanjjanaa Galrani ended, "But on a more important note #PrayforChennai, feel so bitten watching the news ppl r homeless n hopeless, God plz help."

But people were not convinced and verbally attacked her. Below, read some of the select few reactions to her posts:

Suganth tweeted

Hasn't she heard that it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt?

Chethana Ramesh ‏wrote

@actressanjjanaa What r u proud of btw?Go out there n offer help/food/shelter/prayers if u find it in ur 'heart'. If not,zip it n quit smilg
@actressanjjanaa Seriously woman!? No true celebrity wld squeeze such cheap publicity outta a disaster.Who needs ur flowers? Ppl r homeless

Flawed Floyd posted

@actressanjjanaa how about presenting yourself there in Chennai as a volunteer to help the needy? Leave the camera back home if you make it

Middle_Classgal ‏wrote

@actressanjjanaa and that's why you thought you should clean the floor with your dress! #SuddenRealization

Indiantweeter posted

@actressanjjanaa Behen kisi ache se doctor ko dikha de

Catty Bond tweeted 

@actressanjjanaa Leave Chennai alone. Get yourself checked ASAP.

Nikhil Chaudhari ‏posted

@Shaitaaaaan @actressanjjanaa Well dumbness gets a new definition..

Amol Mathur ‏wrote

@imbevda Truly. This @actressanjjanaa is setting a new low for someone to match.

Muskaan posted

@actressanjjanaa shows how SENSITIVE your heart is. Well played!

Saadat Ali Zia ‏tweeted

@actressanjjanaa stop spending on flowers and buy some books.

Arvind Nadig ‏wrote

@actressanjjanaa wish you could follow what some of the real artists are doing in chennai than trying to waterski in troubled times

Drowsydoc ‏posted

@actressanjjanaa she seems to be rakhi sawant of south

Nithin Ramakrishna tweeted

@actressanjjanaa #prayforchennai Inspiring!!! May be you will enter Vodka book of records for this humanitarian act of urs.