An MTech student studying at the Indian Institute of technology, Madras (IIT Madras), reportedly committed suicide on Monday.

IIT Madras has confirmed the death of the student, who hailed from Andhra Pradesh, ANI news agency reported. 

However, the institute has not mentioned if the death was a case of suicide.

"No indication of the reason for death until now," IIT Madras said, according to ANI. 

N Narendra Kumar Reddy, 23, was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his hostel room, according to The Times of India. The police have not found any suicide note. 

According to NDTV, the IIT Madras student was depressed over failing an exam to study at an institution abroad. 

Last week, a student at IIT Guwahati reportedly committed suicide, while in May this year, an IIT Bombay student suffering from depression ended his life.