• WhatsApp message sent by Chennai father to his son in Mumbainull
  • The public reaction after the reading the Facebook postnull
  • The public reaction after the reading the Facebook postnull
  • The public reaction after the reading the Facebook postnull

A message sent by a father stuck in flood-hit Chennai to his son in Mumbai on WhatsApp is being shared widely on social media.

The message, which once again reflects the indomitable spirit of Chennai, was posted on Facebook by the son. Dhiraj Shekar, who hails from Chennai and lives in Mumbai now, posted the message on Facebook on Sunday.

He wrote: "My dad and mom are in Chennai and I work in Mumbai, obviously miss being in Chennai in the need of the hour. While I'm doing my bit being an online volunteer, with further rains predicted, I tried convincing them to come here rather than face the inconveniences of staying alone in these rains at 68 and 65 years of age. (sic)"

His father, Shekar Panchapakesan, who is 68 years old, sent him a reply which is just one of the many shining examples put forth by Chennaiites in the face of adversity.

Dhiraj wrote about the message: "But what came back from him wasn't just a reply. It was a lesson. A lesson to not stop, not give up and not lose hope. He stunned me when he said what he said. I was so humbled and it felt like I was pushing down a solid rock down my throat while my eyes quickly moistened. Proud of you dad Shekar Panchapakesan and all other senior citizen dads and moms in your group! (sic)"

Dhiraj had initially sent a message on WhatsApp to his father saying:

"The reason why I'm asking you people to come here is that you don't have school, office, or any reason why you need to be there. Come here for some days and go back when everything settles down."

This is what his father said in reply: [Read his Facebook post here]

We are aware of these things Dhiraj. We will be stay put at home and will not be subjected to spread of diseases. We will be careful and nothing to worry.

Here we are as a team with 20 people from our colony pooled money and prepare food in one vacant flat and going to deliver to the need people in the adjoining affected areas near Vadapalani and also few clothings.

At this point of time I don't want to be away leaving everything to others and escaping from this spot. In a critical situation like this we would like to shoulder some of the activities with all others here.

We see now no religion, caste or community [feeling] among people here an all contribute something they could. We wish to be part of this workforce and not [run] away from that. Hence we wish to be here and help them. Nothing to worry. GOD IS GREAT AND WILL TAKE CARE OF US