It seems that Bollywood Badshaah, Shah Rukh Khan, is going perfectionist Aamir Khan's way.

After re-shooting an item song with National Award-winning actress Priyamani without any obscenities, Shah Rukh Khan has asked director Rohit Shetty to make changes in the score of the film "Chennai Express".

According to reports, SRK was not happy with the initial music score by the composer duo Vishal-Shekhar for the rom-com. Shah Rukh, apparently, asked Rohit to look into the matter and make the necessary changes in the soundtrack.

"The composers made Shah Rukh listen to their rough compositions, but the actor didn't seem satisfied and said so to Rohit," a source close to the film told Hindustan Times. "Rohit then sat with Vishal and Shekhar and explained to them what SRK was looking for. Now, a thorough rework is underway." 

Shah Rukh believes that the score is very important for the film because of which he doesn't want to compromise on that part.

"Shah Rukh doesn't want to compromise on the music, so he was clear about what he wanted," the source added.

Earlier, SRK decided to re-shoot the item song of the film in compliance with the Censor Board's strict rules on item numbers.

Keeping in mind the family image he has gained in the past years, SRK decided not to include vulgar scenes in the item number for "Chennai Express".

"Shah Rukh in any case has a family image. But now with all eyes of the moral police focused on item songs, he has decided not to go anywhere close to raunchy. His brief to Raju Sunderman was to make it fun but not raunchy," a source told Daily News Analysis.

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"Chennai Express" is an action-romantic film which also features Deepika Padukone in the female lead role.