Drunken Driving
[Representational Image]Creative Commons

The staff of a hospital in Chennai were left wondering on Sunday, December 17, when they failed to find an ambulance parked outside the hospital. Well, this might seem hard to digest — a businessman apparently left his Audi in the hospital premises and drove the ambulance van to his home, 13kms away in Palavakkam, in an inebriated state.

Nikhil Mitra was at the hospital near Anna Salai's Thousand Lights area to admit his injured friend. After his friend was hospitalised, Nikhil sat in the ambulance and went home.

Nikhil, who owns a business in Nungambakkam, realised his mistake only after reaching home.  

Meanwhile, the hospital staff immediately called police assuming it to be a case of theft. "Soon, a man drove the ambulance into the hospital and profusely apologised saying his boss, a businessman, had mistakenly driven it home," a police officer said. 

The hospital staff also observed that one of the side mirrors of the ambulance was broken. The driver assured that the damage will be compensated and left in the Audi which was parked outside.

Referring to the man, who arrived with the apology, the police official asserted, "The hospital didn't want to pursue the case."

Meanwhile, the businessman wrote an apology letter to the hospital to accept that he was in an intoxicated state and that he would compensate the loss. No legal proceedings were undertaken in this regard by the hospital.