Chennai 2 Singapore
Chennai 2 Singapore movie review.PR Handout

Abbas Akbar's Chennai 2 Singapore stars Gokul Anand, Anju Kurian, Shiv Keshav and Rajesh Balachandiran in the leads. The film has Karthick Nallamuthu's cinematography and Praveen KL's editing. Ghibran has scored the music and Ro Ro Roshini, Vadi Vadi and Pogadhe Pogadhe songs have won the hearts of the viewers.

The film is releasing alongside CV Kumar's Maayavan and SR Prabhu's Aaravi. Both these movies have opened to good reviews. Can Abbas Akbar's film too garner a positive response? Let's find out.

Chennai 2 Singapore is a romantic-comedy film that unfolds in Singapore. A struggling filmmaker leaves to Singapore in a bid to raise funds for his project. His plans go haywire and his dreams get a new lease of life after coming across an eccentric cameraman. The twist in the tale comes at this stage, and how the story progresses thereafter is the interesting part of the flick.

People, who have already watched Chennai 2 Singapore, have declared it to be a complete youth entertainer that is high on comedy. The viewers have hailed the hilarious dialogues, while the good visuals backed by fantastic music by Ghibran has enriched the Tamil flick.

The director is being appreciated for churning out a slapstick comedy without any compromise. Here, find out what viewers are saying about the Tamil flick:

Anto‏ @verbulance

#Chennai2Singapore a fresh approach staying true to its genre. The movie had the audience laughing for most of the scenes and personally few dialogs were heartfelt and had people clapping for them. We had an amazing experience. Congratulations to the entire team.

Rajasekar‏ @sekartweets

#Chennai2Singapore - A whacky film stays true to its genre. No compromise from the director and the entire crew. Grand production values and slick visuals. For the fourth time, have to say this @GhibranOfficial in ????form ????

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏ @itisprashanth

#Chennai2Singapore - Bold and genuine attempt from the team. Youth are going to have a fun time watching the movie ! Best wishes to the whole team, may your 3 year hard work win ! ????????????
#Chennai2Singapore interval - A gem so far, the dialogues , the shots, the way few characters are holding the entire movie, nothing short of magic really. If second half is half that of first half, this movie will become a blockbuster. Proud of u @GhibranOfficial bro ! ????????????

Balasubramaniam Ravi‏ @Hunk_Rbs

@GhibranOfficial sir back to back good album and good music vidha muyarchi viswaruba vetri proud of u new dimensional in background score play last 3 movie #TheeranAdhigaaramOndru #Aramm #Chennai2Singapore ????????????

Kishen das‏ @kishen_das

Had fun watching #Chennai2Singapore. After the speech from the team in the end, I wish them the best for all the effort they put in. Love for cinema should never go unnoticed.

Sridevi Sreedhar @sridevisreedhar

#Chennai2Singapore is a whacky slapstick comedy a genre very rarely seen in Tamil cinema. Thoroughly enjoyed ????????Good locations???? @GhibranOfficial songs are ????& shot beautifully

Yoshva‏ @yoshva2

Worth to watch #Chennai2Singapore
Hats off director #abassakbar
Confirmly will go for 2nd time...

VeL MurugaN M‏ @Maduraiyanvel

#chennai2singapore First Time Premier Show Madurai Sema Movie Comedy Ultimate Diractor @AbbasAkbar Anna Super Screen play @GhibranOfficial Music Vera Level All People Going To Theatre Support The Movie ✌✌✌