Jose Mourinho Antonio Conte Manchester United Chelsea
Jose Mourinho gives Antonio Conte a piece of his mind after the final whistle of the Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester United, October 23, 2016Reuters

After N'Golo Kante hammered the final nail in Jose Mourinho's Manchester United coffin, Antonio Conte, the Chelsea manager became the conductor to the Stamford Bridge orchestra, enticing and demanding the fans make more noise in appreciation of their team's best performance under his stewardship.

At the end of the final whistle, as a downcast and seething Mourinho got ready to walk down the tunnel, the Portuguese stopped near Conte, shook his hand went in for a hug and then had a long conversation with the former Juventus manager in Italian.

Obviously, all the talk immediately after Chelsea's massively impressive 4-0 victory over Manchester United was: So, what did Mourinho tell Conte? It was certainly not something good, because Mourinho's expression was not of someone congratulating his opposite number.

Italian television picked up the conversation that went on between the two and according to reports in Italy, Mourinho told Conte that he was not happy with the fact that the Chelsea manager was geeing up the crowd when the home team were 4-0 up – it was humiliating to the Portuguese, he reportedly said.

Mourinho, of course, refused to admit what he spoke to Conte in his post-match interviews and press conference, even if that immediately begs the question: Why not just go down the tunnel and then say what he wanted to say, rather than do all the drama in front of the cameras. Typical Mourinho, isn't it.

There was also reportedly a fracas in the tunnel as a couple of members of the backroom staff clashed, after, apparently, one of Mourinho's coaching staff refused to shake hands with Conte.

Conte also refused to reveal what went on between him and Mourinho, even if he defended his decision to pump up the Stamford Bridge crowd.

"I think that a private conversation must remain private," Conte said. "If someone discovers something, OK ... but for me the private conversation remains private.

"I think that it was right to call on our fans in a moment when I could only hear the supporters of Manchester United [singing] at 4-0. So, I called the fans to give the players a great clap after this kind of performance. The players deserved that. It's important for our fans to push in every moment of the game. When the players deserve it after this performance, it's right to receive a great clap from the fans.

"We live with emotions. If you want to cut the emotions, we can stay at home and I will change jobs."

There didn't seem anything malicious from Conte when he was asking the Chelsea fans to raise the noise and Mourinho's reaction was probably borne from the humiliating result, made all the more hurtful by the fact that it was against his former club at the ground he used to call home.

Rather than worry about him being humiliated, though, Mourinho needs to get back to the training ground and drill his players into playing better, because next up for Manchester United is a derby against Manchester City in the EFL Cup.