Fernando Torres
Chelsea's Fernando Torres stretches for the ball during their Community Shield soccer match against Manchester City at Villa Park in BirminghamReuters

Chelsea FC fans may see some drastic change in play of their favourite club, most probably in a positive way, in the days to come if the owner of the club has his way.

It is reported that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the owner of the club, wants to transform the club into an exciting and entertaining one. He has reportedly given a free hand to team manager Roberto Di Matteo besides giving £65m to his dispossal to fulfill the dream.

Chelsea had a good outing this season, winning both Champions League and FA Cup, but Abramovich seems to be dissatisfied with the play and the club has been criticized for negative play of late. They rely on counter attack to beat their opponents.

But now that Didier Drogba, the man behind the counter attack, has been transferred, their play strategy has to be changed. And Abramovich seems to think that it's the right time.

"Roman Abramovich does not speak to many people but I don't think it is a big secret that he feels that way," BBC quoted former Chelsea winger pundit Pat Nevin as saying.

"I think he is quite open about that. He wants them to change. He has spent a lot of his own money and he would like to go along and enjoy it. The way you enjoy it is to win and be entertaining. Chelsea, to some degree, were so but it wasn't up to the level of some other teams. Roman wants that now. He not only wants winning but winning with style. There is a pressure to do that now. It's understandable because if you want to be a world brand and one that is going to be grown, you need to be loved and the best way for that is to win and be entertaining," he added.

The club has signed Germany's winger Marko Marin, Belgium's forward Eden Hazard and Brazil's playmaker Oscar Dos Santos with the hope of helping the struggling £50m striker Fernando Torres find the net. Reports are also doing the rounds that it is eyeing Germany striker Andre Schurrle and Cesar Azpilicueta from Marseille.

Chelsea had spent around £46 million in 2011 by signing Romelu Lukaku, Romeu, Juan Mata and Raul Meireles.

Lots of changes have been made to Chelsea over the last one year but it is yet to be seen if Roberto Di Matteo will fulfill Abramovich's dreams!