Jose Mourinho
Mourinho insists that he doesn't have a secret formula to keep his team happyReuters

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho feels that his players need to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the team rather than complain about getting limited time on the pitch.

Although the Blues squad is nicely balanced at the moment, there are many good players who have been regularly left on the sidelines this season.

And Mourinho, despite admitting that it is natural for these players to feel frustrated, insists that they should be "ready to sacrifice for the team."

"I'm very club, club, team, team, club, group [orientated]," the Portuguese coach said. "I think everybody has to be ready to sacrifice for the team, to give everything for the team, to think about the team, not to be selfish. This is the way I want a team to be."

Mourinho insists that he doesn't have any secret formula to keep the team happy, claiming that all his players are professionals and now that the "team is more important than themselves."

"I think it is right when you say that players are unhappy or players are frustrated, that they need to be patient. I don't have a secret to keep players happy," he added.

"But the reality is that, to be professional and work at a high level, you don't need to be happy. All of them are professionals. The team is more important than themselves, and the club [is].

"We don't have a secret to keep them happy because we don't keep them happy. We may have a secret to make them work every day at a high level."

Meanwhile, Stoke City boss Mark Hughes has backed Chelsea to win the quadruple – Capital One Cup, FA Cup, Premier League, Champions League – ahead of his side's Premier League clash against the Blues on Monday.

"Nobody else has done it, but they've got the potential to do it [win the quadruple] ," Hughes was quoted as saying by ESPN. "I would have to say yes, they are strong enough."

Although the former Manchester City boss admits the task will be difficult, he feels that the Blues have the best chance, in comparison to the other sides, to win four trophies this season.

"There will be some very good teams who will try and stand in the way but I don't think where we are sat today you could argue that they've got no chance because that would be incorrect," added the former Manchester City manager.

"They have a chance, a better chance than most teams. The talk of winning every trophy, maybe in-house they believe that themselves. It wouldn't surprise me if they did."