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Director Raja Krishna Menon's Bollywood movie Chef starring Saif Ali Khan has received mixed reviews from audiences across the globe.

Chef, which is an official remake of a Hollywood movie by the same name, is about Roshan Kalra, a chef by profession, who is passionate about his culinary skills. Padmapriya Janakiraman essays the role of his ex-wife. They still share a good relationship and are connected by their son, played by Svar Kamble.

Chef movie review: Bollywood critics call Saif Ali Khan's film a must watch

In pursuit of following his passion, Roshan realises that he has missed out on other important things in life like spending quality time with his son. How he manages to overcome his obstacles, forms the crux of the story.

The story that deals with a strong father-son bond and Saif Ali Khan's performance has struck a chord with the audience.

While the original movie featuring Jon Favreau in the lead role was a success, many drew comparisons with the Saif-starrer. Fortunately, Chef has managed to live upto the viewers' expectations, although a few felt that apart from Saif, other characters were given little space to showcase their talent.

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Check out some viewers' verdicts of the Saif-starrer shared on Twitter. Here are the live updates of Chef review by the audience:

CLASSY CHEF ☔‏ @SaifWoww

#Chef is a perfect dish with perfect Ingredients cz of Epitome of Perfection SAIF sir's perfectly perfect Performance⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5⭐ #ChefReview

Spidey ‏ @indianspidey1

#Chef is getting good reviews with worst occupancy...U made a remake of Hollywood movie in Hollywood style 4 Indian Audience! CLAPS

Awaargi‏ @its__aayan

#Chef is another disaster by Saif Ali Khan.. Mark my words.‏ @allindiarecipe

#chef movie just watched and it's much watch movie good performance by saif ali kjam

Bhaskar Chawla‏ @BhaskarSirius

Actors should be thorough-bred blue-bloods, because eugenics. But story bahargaon se le kar aao because imagination is a fux. #Chef

Bhaskar Chawla‏ @BhaskarSirius

#Chef seems like yet another #Bollywood film where they wrote the dialogue in English and ran it through Google translate.

Ajit Narayan Dash‏ @ajit1113

@RajaMenon just watched one of the best movie of the year.. hat's up to u... #Chef

wogma‏ @wogma

#Chef #Review Chef made me wonder, what makes me sadder – a film which starts off very well, but ends up being just about average or one that isn't enjoyable at all. #Bollywood #MovieReviews

Divya Pal‏ @divyapal2013

Every shot of #Chef is carefully crafted to be visually appealing and awesome to look at.

mostlyharmlessgirl‏ @JhinukSen

#Chef is not a bad movie, but it is no where close to the #JonFavreau movie. It doesn't romance the food as well. But #MilindSoman

Bollyy‏ @Bollyydotcom

What's a Bollywood film without emotional drama and a cliched happy ending? #Chef is a feel good film but could've done with a better end.

Rocky‏ @Rockyali23

Replying to @kamaalrkhan @TSeries
Yesterday watched in roxy cinema b square mall n lemme tell u its a biggest disaster... #Chef

Bobby Talks Cinema‏ @bobbytalkcinema 

#Chef - Nevertheless a good film this week offering something fresh and decently entertaining.