Tom Holland will portray Spider-Man in upcoming reboot
Tom Holland will portray Spider-Man in upcoming rebootReuters

Tired of waiting for Marvel's "Captain America: Civil" to release so that you can catch the first look of Tom Holland's Spider-Man? Quench your urge by taking a diversion from Hollywood to Nollywood, where a much lower budget and a more diverse "Spider Girl" exists. 

The official trailer for "Spider Girl" was released August 2015 and the movie was released later that year. The movie is about a young girl that went on an excursion with a group of her classmates and was never the same again.

Things go terribly wrong when our hero, the social outcast, gets bitten by a poisonous spider in the forest. However, it also gives Ann the "Amazing spider gift," which she uses to fight crime and become the saviour for those in need.

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Her webs are strong enough to pick cars and throw them far away, stop big vans and make earth shatter. Despite their many similarities, Spider Girl has her own distinguishable powers as well.

Unlike her white, male counterpart over at Queens, New York, the Nigerian Spider Girl did not have to spend days working on the perfect attire to enhance her web-spewing abilities. A viewer of the film, Ama Irube Azegbefumen shared on Facebook that Ann's Spider Girl costume was "automatic" and made from cob webs.

Spider Girl might be able to make a crossover and appear in the "Civil War," but she definitely has a chance at courting copyright infringement law suits. Watch the trailer for "Super Girl" shared by Joy Studioz on YouTube and see the web-spewing Spider Girl's skills for yourself.

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