Suitably aided with interesting twists and turns, television soap "Kumkum Bhagya" has been consistently reaching the top position in Television Rating Points (TRPs) charts, beating other popular TV shows. The lead pair of the daily series, Shabir Ahluwalia (Abhi) and Sriti Jha (Pragya), have also turned out to be one of the most loved on-screen couples, with millions of fans worldwide.

Abhi-Pragya and their romance have always been the heart of the show. Such is the craze for the on-screen couple and their chemistry that followers of the show often make collages of their favourite pair on Twitter to express their love for the couple and the show.

The fan-made collages depicts why "Kumkum Bhagya" has been ruling the TRP charts as well as the hearts of the viewers.

Meanwhile on "Kumkum Bhagya," after Abhi Mehra's memory loss, the makers are leaving no stone unturned to keep viewers enthralled. Several elements, such as Abhi failing to recognise his wife Pragya (Sriti Jha), his sister Aaliya's devious plan of destroying his life and many hit-and-miss moments between Abhi and Pragya, have been working in favour of the show and its ratings.

Also, before Abhi's accident and memory loss, Pragya underwent tremendous stress to expose the evil deeds of Tanu and Aaliya in front of Abhi, and even succeeded in it. It now remains to be seen if Pragya manages to remind Abhi of his relationship with her. Also, will Pragya undertake another strenuous mission of exposing Tanu and Aaliya and prevent them from causing harm to Abhi?