Check out Chris Pratt and Tom Holland's 'Onward' trailer
Check out Chris Pratt and Tom Holland's 'Onward' trailerTwitter

The official trailer of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland's upcoming Disney and Pixar film, Onward, was dropped earlier during the NBA finals! Just like every other Disney and Pixar film which thrives in fantastical worlds and intriguing new creatures, Onward too, revolves around the journey of two elf brothers. Their quest is to check if the world still has even a bit of magic left.

The trailer begins with an interesting setting, a world with magical creatures, all lacking the one thing that makes them mystical, all the magic! Turns out, after a big change, they all lost their magic and are comfortable in this new phase of their lives. Tom Holland, who plays the protagonist, also seems to care less about magic or adventures, seems to have a problem with unicorns and is not as enthusiastic or ecstatic as his elf brother, played by Chris Pratt.

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So while Pratt admits that they are heading on an extraordinary journey to discover the magic that could be left on the planet, Holland is nonchalant, reluctant more than anything. "We are going on a grand and glorious quest," Barley (Chris Pratt) declares towards the end of the trailer, to which Ian (Tom Holland) retorts, "It's not a quest, it's just a really fast and strange errand."

How will things work out for these two brothers? Will they be able to discover the magic and bring it back to its rightful owners? Check out the trailer below!

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The film also stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer in pivotal roles. Directed by Dan Scanlon, previously known for his work behind Monsters University, the helmer has reunited with producer Kori Rae for this project.

The speculated date of release mentioned is March 6, 2020. After Toy Story 4, this is Pixar's next best offer to the world of animated cinema!

The last time Tom Holland and Chris Pratt came together for a project was the Avengers series. Well, technically, they were brought together in the third part of the series, Infinity War and later Endgame. Hence, we can safely say that they have worked together previously and seem to be in cahoots. Onward sure is going to be an interesting watch!