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Charlize Theron has opened up about her past experience of sexual harassment at the start of her acting career. The Mad Max movie actress talked in detail about the sexual harassment she faced by a famous movie director.

Charlize Theron has remained very vocal about her personal as well as professional life. The acclaimed South African-born actress was recently nominated for her role as Megyn Kelly in Jay Roach's Bombshell movie. The movie is based upon the accounts of several women at Fox News who set out to expose the company's CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.

In Bombshell movie, Charlize Theron plays the role of Megyn Kelly, who reported to have confirmed that she was subjected to Roger Ailes' harassment.

While talking with NPR, Charlize Theron reflected upon the time of her own harassment, which happened in 1994. The said sexual harassment apparently involved a very famous director, whose place she visited on a Saturday night for an audition.

Charlize candidly spoke about the incident and recalled that the director wore silk pyjamas and offered her a drink and reportedly rubbed her knees. As per the 44-year-old Theron, she had just started out as an actress and was not aware of such things.

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Theron at the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California January 15, 2012.Reuters

"You don't [know what to do]... if you haven't experienced it, it's a very difficult thing to wrap your head around. I wasn't even fully convinced this was sexual harassment until later in my career."

Several years later, the same director offered Charlize Theron an acting job. Charlize had planned to reject the offer but decided to meet him because she thought she had the opportunity to confront him. When she brought up the incident to him, he allegedly walked refused to talk about it as he moved on from the conversation.

"At that moment, it was clear to me that it wasn't his first time and that he had been doing this before and that other women had called him out. His way of handling it was just to talk over it and about the project."

Charlize Theron's upcoming projects

After Bombshell movie, Charlize Theron is going to star as Cipher in Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez's Fast & Furious 9 movie.

Following Fast & Furious 9, cinephiles will see Theron as Andromache of Scythia in an action-adventure movie, The Old Guard.