je suis charlie
A person holds up a "Je Suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) sign during a ceremony at Place de la Republique square to pay tribute to the victims of last year's shooting at the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, France, January 10, 2016Reuters

Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical weekly magazine, which had been attacked by Islamist terrorists in January 2015 for insulting the prophet, will be launching a German edition from December 1 with Germany's support.

The terror attack on its Paris office had killed 12 people, including its best-known cartoonists. The attack had been condemned worldwide and publications and people across the world had expressed support and grief over the deaths.

Initially, 200,000 copies of the magazine will be printed. It will consist of articles and cartoons translated from French, but the magazine eventually wants to create content specific to German by collaborating with German cartoonists, a spokesperson said.

The magazine is being translated in Frankfurt, Germany and five translators are part of the team. The magazine will be available for €4 (£3.40).

Currently, around 1,000 copies of the French edition are bought every week in Germany. It saw heightened sales of the "survivors' edition" after the January 2015 attack with as many as 70,000 copies being sold.

The magazine's overall sale includes 60,000 magazines a week from the newsstand and 50,000 subscribers.

The magazine will be available every Thursday.