Charlie Hebdo
A member of the media makes images of the front page of Charlie Hebdo which shows a caricature of French author Michel Houellebecq near the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, after a shooting January 7, 2015.REUTERS/JACKY NAEGELEN

The 'survivors' edition' of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo will defiantly feature Prophet Mohammed on its cover page holding up a poster saying 'Je Suis Charlie'.

An unprecedented three million copies of the newspaper is expected to be sold across 25 countries.

But even before the edition is published, the cover photo has taken Twitter by storm, with many supporting as well as denouncing the move.

While several Twitterati have supported the cover photo as a fitting answer to extremist threats, some also suggest that further angering the community does not translate to 'freedom of speech'.

Several tweets reflected that the new cover will not go down well even with those who denounced the terror attack. 

The publication, which came under a deadly terror attack last week that left its editor and several other cartoonists dead, has put out pictures of its cover page which shows a teary Prophet holding the 'Je Suis Charlie' poster under a header that reads – 'All is Forgiven'.

The attackers who stormed into the newspaper's office had reportedly said they had avenged the Prophet by killing those responsible for caricatures of him in the past editions.

Charlie Hebdo's lawyer, Richard Malka, told French radio that the upcoming publication will "obviously" lampoon the Prophet, among other figures, according to AFP.

"We will not give in to anything. The spirit of 'Je suis Charlie [I am Charlie] also means the right to blasphemy"," the lawyer said.

Here are some of the tweets that support, as well as denounce, the new Charlie Hebdo edition cover (without the names of the individuals). 

Those who opposed the new Charlie Hebdo cover said - 

Charlie Hebdo's decision to reprint sensitive material makes more 'business sense' rather than editorial #JeSuisCharlie  #CharlieHebdo

#CharlieHebdo is now just asking for trouble. There is absolutely no need to do a Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) cover. This isn't #FreedomOfSpeech 

#CharlieHebdo this time didn't only make fun of prophet Mohamed but of Muslims sympathy and support. Really No cure for Racism!

#CharlieHebdo released edition is full of hate and islamphobia. Didnt expect this. #Disappointed

We obviously need freedom of speech but to me the acceptable line between defiance & provocation seems very thin this morning! #CharlieHebdo 

how do we deal with bullying in schools? Well actually, when you've hurt someone's feelings you are supposed to stop. #CharlieHebdo #stop

 Those who supported the Charlie Hebdo cover said -

Brilliant response from #CharlieHebdo - they should print t-shirts of that front page and every lover of enlightenment should wear one 

Well done #CharlieHebdo freedom of speech must never be curtailed.

A cartoon depicting Prophet Mohammad as a forgiving man of peace can't possibly be 'offensive'. Unless you seek offence for the sake of it.

Free speech means the right to be offensive without fearing for your life #CharlieHebdo

They should make it 20 million. Or more. #CharlieHebdo