It was around three years back that Firoz Kunnamparambil, a self-styled charity worker started using Facebook to collect funds from the general public. The activities of Firoz soon received public attention, and most of his videos started receiving a huge sum of money from Keralites and non-residential Indians.

In the meantime, Firoz who was a small mobile shop owner built a luxury house and bought a brand new Innova, which he claims to have received as a present from an organization in the Middle East. 

Firoz Kunnamparambil threatens general public

As several online groups including 'Charity Investigation Group' raised several questions regarding the illicit financial deals of Firoz, two social activists named Saleel Bin Qasim and Hakeem Mohammed independently probed some of the old charity videos of Firoz and found some shocking details of financial crimes and looting. 

Firoz Kunnamparambil
Firoz KunnamparambilFacebook

In one case, Saleel and Hakeem met with a patient's parents for whom Firoz had done a video in the past. In the video, the parents of the patients claimed that they received more than Rs 20 lakhs from the general public, but Firoz gave them only Rs 10 lakh. 

As the video went viral, Firoz Kunnamparambil soon appeared on Facebook and claimed that he received only 17 lakhs. In the same video, Firoz also urged his fans to lynch people who spread allegations against him on social media platforms. 

"It is not the money which they earned through works. These are all donated money. Now, these parents are asking me for the money which I gave to other patients. People like these and the people who support these people should be lynched by the public," said Firoz Kunnamparambil. 

However, on February 12, the parents appeared again on Facebook and presented the bank statement which clearly shows that more than Rs 21 lakh was credited to their account. The parents have now lodged a police complaint against Firoz Kunnamparambil for looting their sum. 

The new threat issued by Firoz Kunnamparambil has now gone viral on online spaces, and thousands of people except fans of the charity worker are lashing out at him for making such irresponsible comments on a social media platform. 

Illicit activities of Firoz Kunnamparambil continue 

A few months back, K K Shailaja, the health minister of Kerala had revealed that the government will take strict actions against people who carry out online charity through illicit means. As Shailaja made these comments, several fans of Firoz Kunnamparambil launched a brutal social media attack on the health minister's Facebook page. 

Several top jurists including retired High Court judge Kamal Pasha had also criticized Firoz in the past. Kamal Pasha, in an online interview, revealed that the activities of Firoz should come under scanner, and he made it clear that his crowdfunding is a pure violation of the Foreign Contribution Regulatory Act (FCRA).