If you have been playing Destiny ever since it was released, you should know a thing or two about the importance of bounties in the game. Completing bounties successfully gets you the required experience to level up your Guardian, armours and weapons. And, it seems like some major changes are now on the cards for the bounties with the upcoming The Taken King DLC.

For Destiny players, in the past, completing bounties required spending a lot of time on it. In fact, it often required players to travel to distant planets or take up specific missions just to gain experience points and level up. However, Bungie is aware of the situation and has made changes that won't require players to spend more time than needed on a specific bounty.

One of the major reasons behind bounties being so time-consuming in Destiny was because players, after completing a certain bounty mission, would then be required to travel back and forth between missions or PVP and the Tower in order to cash in old bounties and pick up new ones. But happily enough, all that is scheduled to change as soon as The Taken King lands.

Bungie has always been known for being responsive to its massive fanbase via community feedback and after listening to fans, the company has altered the overall bounty system in such a way that players won't need to spend much time on them than required.

Talking about the changes, players will now be able to carry up to 16 bounties, meaning you won't have to return to the Tower every time to collect them. Apart from that, players can cash in on the bounties from anywhere without having to go back to the Tower. Also, when on a mission, players can keep a track of their bounties from the ghost's nav mode instead of going into the character screen every time.

Another major change, as far as bounties are concerned, has been made in the PvP side of things. In the past, PvP was a place where face-off between Guardians take place and experience points can be earned, with chances of getting Exotic or Legendary weapons. However, with new changes made, the players will now earn the same type of rewards as Nightfall.

This is a welcome addition to the game for all those who have always complained about how time-consuming it is to complete bounties and then travelling back and forth to collect the rewards or get access to other new bounties.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]